Balancing the inner yogi sloth and caffeine-addicted squirrel.

Welcome to Intuitious Adventures, the virtual junction where we weave the seemingly mismatched threads of sloth-like serenity and espresso-charged enthusiasm into a tapestry of collective exploration. Basically, we are trying to fit a lot of paradoxes under one hat, someone trying to find a balance. Our purpose is to guide you through the realms of intentional relaxation and spirited escapades, while cultivating a community that seeks success beyond mere monetary gains.

In the spirit of the Lorax, we’re committed to nurturing a world where prosperity coexists with a thriving environment. And yes, as we journey through the landscape of self-care, we won’t shy away from dissecting the complex fabric of politics and society, unmasking how they interlace with personal well-being. So, whether you’re a sloth seeking zen or a squirrel seeking thrills, join us as we map out a trail of conscious living that celebrates every facet of your intuitious adventure.

To rest means to restore your energy and to reflect. It is needed to heal your past, to be in the present and to plan and reflect on your future. We’re here to explore the art of deceleration with the finesse of a sloth in a yoga class and the enthusiasm of a kid trying to postpone bedtime by just 10 minutes.

One minute a sloth in a yoga class, the other minute a squirrel that just drank a double espresso. If this mix is made for you, follow along as I try to transform each day into a treasure map of excitement.

Late stage capitalism likes to define success as filling a pit with money – the “Dagobert Duck” dream. This blog has more of a “Lorax” kind of definiton of success. We just want the world and society to thrive without destroying the environment and try our best to make that happen.

There is no way to talk about a good life and self care without talking about politics and society – thanks capitalism and discrimination. Instead of all those individualist “just take a bath” self care influencers – we also look at the system reasons you might be feeling bad.

About Me

Find out more about your espresso-addicted collectivist.

Living the best possible life in the wrong – From dance floor mantras to inked reminders, I’ve harnessed a philosophy to propel me through wild pursuits. Embracing the chaos, I’ve freelanced my way to success, biked through uncertainty, and dove into triathlons with unshakable faith. Defying convention, I navigate late-stage capitalism with unapologetic passion for politics and social change. Follow me on a journey that celebrates the beauty of the imperfect, the thrill of the untried, and the resonance of progress in both personal and societal realms.