100+ Passive Income Streams in 2023

More and more people seek passive income streams and financial independence for a better work-life balance, more wealth or to improve their pension. Passive income streams do not actually mean that there is no work involved – but rather that there is only administrative work once the product is set up. This it where it becomes “passive” as the money you get from that income stream per hour of work might be a lot higher than the money you get per hour of work at a normal job. This article will explore 100 passive income streams for you to consider.

Woman calculating her finances for her passive income streams.


Investing & Renting Out as a Passive Income Stream

This is a passive income stream that often takes a larger capital to start. If you do not have that yet, think about starting small and e.g. investing 50€ per month or renting out what you already have. You might also consider starting in one of the other categories first and then coming back here to invest what you made. It is also important to talk about sustainability and renter-friendliness with these passive income streams.


Dividend Stocks

Many stocks pay dividends – annually or sometimes also quarterly. If you invest quite a lot, this can be a steady stream of income. Otherwise, it is hard to get more than a few Euro/USD. There are also stocks, where the dividend is directly reinvested into the stock without taxes – adding to more growth.

Long-term hold

Instead of relying on dividends, you can also search for stocks that might grow long-term. ETFs are generally deemed more secure than stocks of single companies, but those stocks might grow faster – it’s your choice between risk and security.

Day trading as not-so Passive Income Stream

Day trading is not exactly passive, but if done right, it can leverage a large return. That either results in a higher income or in a shorter work week. Use a demo account first to find a strategy that functions for you and try writing a trading diary to find common mistakes.

Dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs)

Some stocks or ETFs automatically reinvest your dividends – for others, you can set up DRIPs that will reinvest your dividends for you.

Buy and hold art

Even though I would not have thought about it myself before, art can actually be an investment as well. If you hold art from artists that seem promising long term, it can appreciate in value. But attention: You have to have knowledge of art trends and do your due diligence. Or you only buy art you would like hanging in your apartment either way – if the value does not grow, you at least have some nice decoration.

Renting out your property

Think: Everything you have, you could possibly lend if there is a demand and a platform. The most popular ideas to rent out are parts of your house/apartment or cars – but you can also get more creative. I already lent my roller skates and my tent as well. Here are some ideas:

  • Renting out a small part of your property to a cell phone company
  • Renting out your parking space, for example on ParqEx or SpotHero
  • Renting out your camera gear, for example on ShareGrid or KitSplit
  • Renting out your boat, for example on Boatsetter or GetMyBoat
  • Renting out a room on your property, for example for students or tourists
  • Renting out your land for special events like weddings, festivals, or fairs
  • Peer-to-peer rental – Rent out your assets, like your car or your home, on platforms like Turo and Airbnb

Peer-to-peer lending

If money is lent, there is interest on that amount of money. You can make use of that by lending to people who would have normally not gotten a loan or to whom the interest rate of banks is too high. My favorite platform for P2P lending is Mintos.

Buy and hold precious metals

Those of you who looked around a bit in your stock broker might have noticed that resources like gold or silver have changes in their value as well. While you can of course invest in your broker, you might also consider buying these metals directly and holding them.

Real estate investments

In today’s age, you do not have to own a property in order to have passive income from real estate. Crowdfunding and the possibility to also rent out backyard guest houses make it easier to get into real estate. Here are some ideas for all sizes of investments:

  • Buy and hold properties and make use of a growth of value
  • Invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Building and renting out a tiny house or RV on Airbnb
  • Building and renting out a backyard guest house or shed on Airbnb or other vacation rental platforms
  • Invest in a rental property crowdfunding platform – Invest in a platform that allows you to invest in rental properties and earn a return.
  • Invest in a real estate crowdfunding platform – Invest in a platform that allows you to invest in real estate and earn a return.

Invest in a business

You can invest in a small business in exchange for equity or a percentage of the future revenue. It is important to do your due diligence here. Crowdfunded investments can decrease the amount you personally have to invest and thus your risk.


This is more on a volatile side, making it possible to have great wins, but also great losses. Often, a single tweet can change the value of a cryptocurrency greatly, as Elon Musk for example did it multiple times with Dogecoin. If you know a lot about cryptocurrency and are risk-averse, this might be for you.

Publishing & Social Media as a Passive Income Stream

You have something to teach or say? Then these passive income streams might be for you. If you are not sure what to do yet, you can look up current trends. I also feel like I have nothing to say at times but when I look at trends that pop up, I find out that there is more I could do than I originally thought.

Online courses

Do you have knowledge on a specific topic others might want to learn about? Then an online course might be a fitting income source for you! It does not take a lot of time or equipment to get started. With an outline and a good smartphone camera, you can go a long way.


If you don’t like the camera, you might also consider publishing about topics you are knowledgeable about in the form of e-books. The most popular platform for this is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, but there are also other more ethical platforms for publishing


You landed on this website – that means you are using blogs. A whole lot of other people are doing so too, still making blogs profitable despite the development of social media. You can monetize your blog through advertising, affiliate marketing, or your own products, as with my Etsy store, where you can find political clothing and self-development workbooks.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the ways to monetize your content. Some blogs or YouTube channels are made only for affiliate marketing. They often review products or talk about companies and get a commission, if someone buys something after reading their article or watching their YouTube.


You cannot only sell e-books but also paper books without needing a publisher – this is called self-publishing. There are some platforms that support you with the distribution of your work, but you can also do it totally by yourself.

Write and sell a blog

In the beginning, this is like starting a blog for yourself: You do the design, write some articles, and try to get traffic on your blog. Once you get profit out of it, you can also choose to sell the website, including all the articles. This way you might get a bigger revenue at once compared to smaller monthly profits through monetization.

Tipp: This might also be an option if the blog you started begins to bore you and you want to start a new project.

Sponsored content

You can create sponsored content both on blogs and on social media. Sometimes, for example with small companies or if you cover a very niche topic, you do not even need a large following. To get started, you might have to reach out to a lot of companies yourself.


If you are passionate about a topic and want to create videos about it, YouTube might be the way to go. The platform has ad monetization directly built into it and you can monetize further with affiliate marketing or your own merchandise as well.


Depending on the country you are from, a podcast might be a very niche thing to do – in Germany it is for example. If that is the case, you could record yourself talking as well and upload it to YouTube and the podcasting platform of your choice. Sponsorships and advertising are the main ways to monetize a podcast.

Social Media Management

This is on the rather active side of income, but you do not need to invest a lot of time into this work, especially now with AI. You can make all the content yourself or produce the raw content with AI and then edit the graphic design and write SEO-friendly headings.

Digital marketing agency

You do not need to have lots of employees to have a digital marketing agency. You can think of it more like a job platform such as Fiverr or Upwork, where they distribute possible job offers and earn a percentage of the revenue.

Ad revenue sharing

This is a way for platforms to say “thank you” to their users by sharing a small percentage of the revenue. At the beginning of reels on Instagram, lots of people talked about earning money through posting reels – this is an example of ad revenue sharing.

Ad space

Contrary to Adsense (which basically does the ads for you), you can also reach out to specific companies yourself and ask if they might be interested in renting ad space on your website. This is another possibility to monetize your blog.

Brand deals

The last way of content monetization in this list is through brand deals. In the beginning, you often are allowed to keep the product and later on, you get commissions for those deals. It is important to not accept every brand deal and make it fit to your ethics and content.

Product- & Service-based Passive Income Streams

Many of these passive income streams take knowledge rather than capital to start. With YouTube as a gigantic database to learn new skills, you could easily start with some of the passive income streams if you invest a bit of time.

Mobile apps

While blogs or YouTube videos give you the knowledge to solve a problem or meet a need, mobile apps rather help support a person in their endeavor towards a goal. With an engaging app that keeps users long-term, you do not necessarily need a large audience to monetize your app, for example with well-places ads.

Stock photography

Do you like to take pictures while you’re on vacation or in your day-to-day life? Platforms for stock photography help you monetize those pictures. You can choose between just uploading the pictures you already have or going on a photo hunt specifically for those platforms and the needs of their users. For some niches, you can also produce photos on demand for specific companies – this is for example especially popular with pets.


Almost everyone knows Etsy as a large platform where handmade items and products by small businesses are sold. You can sell printables (and avoid having to think about shipping etc.) or make something yourself and put it on Etsy. Another popular idea is designing an illustration yourself and then selling it on different products through platforms like Printify.


I already started talking about platforms like Printify, where you can put your designs on different products. Redbubble is another popular platform where you might start. But of course, you can also make your own website and sell there instead of using already existing platforms – here you can start thinking about combining different ideas from this article, for example, blogging and print-on-demand.


You cannot only earn royalties from photos but also from illustrations, patents, music, and trademarks – be creative. Think about the things you are good at and maybe you already find a thing to monetize.


The beginnings of dropshipping are often quite similar to print-on-demand. Usually, you set up an online store and order the product from the supplier each time someone orders the same product from you. Once you have a bit of money to start with, it is time to start thinking about buying larger quantities of products from the supplier and personalize everything.

Create a digital product

Software, apps, website or Notion templates, printables – the list of things you could create digitally and sell is endless. Evaluate your skills, research if there is a market – and get started if there is. A friend of mine started out making vision boards online and was able to make money with that as well – think outside of the box. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a website template and sell it on ThemeForest.
  • Create Notion templates and sell them through Pinterest.
  • Sell your services as a programmer on Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Make a bundle of Canva templates and sell them.
  • Create a digital workbook or coloring pages and sell them on Etsy.

Create a course platform

Instead of selling your own course, you might also think about creating a platform where others can sell their course. You then get a percentage of each sale they make while doing the small task of keeping the website running.

Online Coaching

Upwork and Fiverr are not only popular for graphic design and editing but also for online coaching. If you have a lot of experience in a certain area and want to help people, this might be for you. If you already have some followers, you can also think about providing these coaching services through your own social media account or website.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon is a gigantic sales platform and thus needs people who complete some small tasks for them again and again. That is why Amazon Mechanical Turk exists – and it is just another opportunity to earn some money on the side.

Website Testing

When you work on the same project over and over, you sometimes do not see the small mistakes you make or tiny twitches that could make the said project even better. Website testers help to identify parts of websites that might need some work and get money for it.

Create and sell an online membership site

Is there a specific niche or topic where you feel the exchange or networking is missing? You can change that yourself by creating a membership site where this exchange is possible! Earn recurring revenue and sell the website once you want to start something else.

Create and sell a physical product

Develop a physical product, like a piece of furniture or a toy, and sell it online or offline. You can look specifically for things in your own or your friends’ everyday lives in order to find ideas for products that might make your life a bit easier.

Create an online store platform

Amazon started small and is now one of the biggest online store platforms. You can create such an online store platform yourself and earn a percentage of the revenue. In order to be able to compete with all the other store platforms, it is advisable to start in a very specific niche at first and broaden your offer once you see success. You could also start by reaching out to promising small business owners who struggle with getting sales to get some first products in the store.

Create a podcast network

Start a network of podcasts in different niches and earn revenue from advertising and sponsorships. You can also create a b2b network for podcasts where for example guests for new episodes can be found.

Develop a social media management service

Do you sometimes forget to post on social media? Many businesses do – or they value other tasks as more important. This is where social media management comes into play. You can start by managing social media accounts yourself while building a network of freelancers who might be willing to work with you. Like this, you are later able to outsource the work while keeping a percentage of the revenue.

Create a lead generation service

A lead generation service helps businesses generate a list of potential customers – this is very important to follow the sales funnel. This is why lead generation can be a very profitable service. If you are new to lead generation, you can for example make deals with your customers where you get a percentage of the sale if the lead generation was successful. This way, your customer has nothing to lose.

Create and sell a print magazine

Imagine the nostalgia of flipping through glossy pages in this digital age. Starting your own print magazine allows you to cater to niche interests and keeps print media alive. Just remember, you’re not truly a magazine publisher until you’ve had at least one late-night argument with your printer over ink density!

Create and sell a digital magazine

In a world where everything’s gone digital, starting your own digital magazine is like launching a spaceship into the future. You can reach global audiences without the worry of printing costs. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the mysterious disappearance of your favorite pen because everything’s done with a click.

Create and sell an audiobook

Recording an audiobook can be an adventure in itself. From navigating tongue-twisters to realizing that your idea of “sultry narrator voice” sounds more like a sleepy sloth, the process is full of surprises. But when your audiobook starts charming listeners’ ears, it’s all worth it.

Sell art prints

Turning your art into a business is a brushstroke of genius. You can spend your time creating masterpieces instead of worrying about the logistics of printing. Just make sure your automated process doesn’t go rogue and start churning out Picasso-style abstracts when you least expect it.

Create and sell an online store platform

Developing an online store platform is like building a mall for e-commerce. You provide the space, and entrepreneurs set up shop. Be sure to keep the digital mallrats happy with easy navigation and virtual escalators to success.

Create and sell a video course

Creating and selling a video course is your chance to become an e-learning superstar. You’re not just a teacher; you’re a digital Spielberg, crafting engaging educational experiences. Just don’t forget the popcorn (metaphorically speaking) for your students.

Selling digital products like fonts, textures, and illustrations

Selling digital products is like having an endless garage sale in cyberspace. You create, list, and watch as your digital treasures find new homes again and again. Fonts and illustrations are especially helpful for other businesses and their personalized branding.

Developing and selling mobile app templates on platforms

Developing mobile app templates is like constructing digital Lego sets. You provide the building blocks, and app creators get to assemble their visions. Just make sure your digital Lego bricks are glitch-free! You can use platforms like CodeCanyon or Chupamobile for the sales process.

Creating and selling 3D models on marketplaces

Creating and selling 3D models is like sculpting in the digital realm. You’re a modern-day digital Michelangelo, and your works of art can adorn video games, animations, and more. Just don’t get too attached; once sold, they’re off to their new virtual homes. You can sell them on TurboSquid or CGTrader.

Developing and selling Chrome extensions

Creating Chrome extensions is like being a digital handyman. You’re crafting tools to enhance users’ browsing experiences. Just remember that you’re not in the business of fixing leaky faucets – it’s all about optimizing that browser!

Creating and selling printables like calendars, planners, and coloring pages

Designing printables is like crafting digital treasures for the DIY crowd. Your creations will help people stay organized, express their creativity, or simply brighten their day. Be prepared for your work to adorn countless homes and offices!

Creating and selling digital scrapbooking kits

Crafting digital scrapbooking kits is like curating a treasure trove of memories. You’re providing the materials for people to immortalize their most cherished moments in a creative way. Just remember, your pixels might end up in a family’s heirloom album. You can use Etsy or MyMemories for this.

Creating and selling sound effects or music tracks

Crafting sound effects and music tracks is like being a digital composer. You’re setting the mood for movies, videos, and games. Just don’t be surprised if your music becomes the unofficial anthem of a viral cat video! You can use AudioJungle or Pond5 to sell your sounds.

Creating and selling digital planners

Developing digital planners is like providing the canvas for people to paint their daily lives. You’re helping them organize, set goals, and stay on track. Just don’t be surprised if your digital pages end up crammed with colorful to-do lists and inspirational quotes!


Becoming a housesitter is like getting paid to live someone else’s dream life for a while – especially helpful if you do not want to pay for hotels during your vacation. You get to enjoy the comforts of a new home, cuddle with their adorable pets, and, if you’re lucky, discover secret hiding spots for the best snacks in their pantry.

1-on-1 coaching

Providing 1-on-1 coaching is like becoming a personal guide for someone’s journey toward success. You’re generously sharing your knowledge, experience, and wisdom to steer them toward their goals. Keep in mind that diversity in your motivational messages is key; no one wants to hear a repetitive sports metaphor day in and day out.

Start a gym

Launching a gym is like conducting an orchestra of clinking weights and energizing workout playlists. With the right setup and automation, you can streamline staffing while optimizing both financial and physical gains. Brace yourself for the ongoing challenge of maintaining those treadmill TVs in peak condition.

Plan events

Event planning resembles a high-stakes performance where you’re the director. You’re managing schedules, coordinating with vendors, and occasionally dealing with unexpected surprises, sometimes even involving literal clowns. When the confetti settles and the applause resounds, you’ll know you’ve successfully transformed a concept into an unforgettable experience.


Diving into the TikTok scene is akin to attempting to harness lightning in a bottle. With consistent posting, you might strike digital gold, securing those coveted brand collaborations and affiliate marketing opportunities. Keep in mind that viral dance trends and heartwarming pet videos are your strongest allies on this vibrant social media stage.

Start a paid-subscription newsletter or support group

Initiating a paid subscription newsletter or support group is like curating an exclusive haven for knowledge or emotional reinforcement. People are willing to invest for that additional dose of wisdom or a sense of belonging. Maintain the virtual velvet ropes effectively, and your subscribers will feel like cherished VIPs in your digital sanctuary.


There they are – 100 different ideas for passive income streams. Some income streams might be helpful for multiple niches you are in. There are also some passive income streams that are especially useful if you are just starting out, while there is an audience or some starting capital needed for other income streams. If you are starting as a freelancer, you might as well be interested in our article about how to make the most out of the gig economy. Especially for passive income streams like investing, frugalism might be interesting to you because budgeting leads to more money that can be invested – but be careful not to overdo it.

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