Politics & Society

Democracy and Welfare

Step into the territory of “Politics & Society,” where we’re all about digging beneath the surface and unveiling the less-than-glamorous truths that affect your self-care soundtrack. Say goodbye to the glossy self-help pamphlets; we’re here to tackle the elephant in the room that no amount of meditation can shoo away. In a world where late-stage capitalism is the uninvited guest who overstays their welcome and discrimination is the old vinyl record that keeps skipping, we’re here to spin a different narrative.

Consider us the audacious myth-busters of self-care, peeling back the layers to reveal why your inner tranquility is often taking a hit from the outside forces. So, grab your detective magnifying glass and get ready to dissect the intersections between your personal calm and the not-so-quiet noise of politics and society – with a healthy dose of irony that’s sharper than a cat meme’s wit.